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For architecture that is limited only by the client's desire, consult CCBG

View of this part of the home interior design, real estate, gray
View of this part of the home

So you want to park the vintage cars in your living room after you've taken them out for a spin?

When clients approach Joe Groff of CCBG Architects with eccentric suggestions, he generally replies: "Sure".

"We enjoy working with a wide range of styles and vernacular, from the traditional to the cutting edge," he says.

Take the cabana featured in these pages. It was designed to showcase the client's collection of automotive memorabilia which included two vintage cars, while also serving as a guest house and office. The client wanted a contemporary design that complemented his Californian ranch-style home.

View of the entrance floor, flooring, interior design, lobby, white, black, gray
View of the entrance

Then there were the harsh planning regulations which dictated that the cabana could only go in one place the corner of an old citrus grove.

"The project's main design challenge consisted of situating the cabana in the small space available, while still achieving the goal of making the displayed cars visible from the pool and patio area of the main house," Groff says.

Designed with a contemporary edge that creates a contrast with the main house, height restrictions forced some of the building underground. So, with the kitchen, sitting and display areas on the main floor, and the office perched above these, the basement houses a home theatre, with a bedroom and bathroom on a half landing.

In the construction of the building, only the concrete block provides a link to the style of the main house. The other materials come from a simple and contemporary palette encompassing glass, steel and polished concrete.

View of the lower level of this home interior design, leisure, leisure centre, recreation room, black, gray
View of the lower level of this home

"The materials are used together to create a neutral backdrop, allowing the visitor's eye to be drawn to the cars," says Groff.

For further information, contact CCBG Architects, 818 North 1st St, Phoenix, AZ 85004, phone (602) 258 2211, fax (602) 255 0909.

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23 Aug, 2004

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