Perched above the City of Angels

From the street, concrete and glass give this home a decidedly contemporary exterior, while the outdoor entertaining area has uninterrupted view of the LA skyline

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The home opens up to the city

Architect: MAKE Architecture

About the project: It can be tough to stand out when designing homes in the hills above Los Angeles. After all, this is one of the most coveted pieces of real estate in the US and tends to attract high-calibre architects and designers.

 viewing Sunset Plaza, however, a new home from MAKE Architecture, you'll likely agree the firm has managed to design something that truly stands out. 

From the street, concrete and glass give the home a decidedly contemporary exterior. Moving around to the outdoor entertaining area, glass balustrades ensure you've got an uninterrupted view of the LA skyline. 

The infinity pool is certainly a highlight.Like many other homes in the LA hills, this is one that's all about the view. The home faces out to city below, with the living spaces and bedrooms featuring jaw-dropping, panoramic views.A

bout the architect: MAKE is a Melbourne based architectural practice with a strong focus on quality and a passion for good design. Our buildings are designed to respond to the seasons and careful thought is put into how spaces are occupied. Believers in quality not quantity, MAKE look for efficiencies and delight in the design of our buildings and focus on ways that these buildings can make our lives better.

Story by: David Renwick

03 Nov, 2019

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