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Built-in appliances include kitchen TV

Italian appliance collection by Fulgor Milano floor, furniture, product design, table, white
Italian appliance collection by Fulgor Milano

It's no secret that the rest of the world looks to Italy for design cues. And it's not just fast cars and fashion Italy also leads the way in home appliance technology.

Fulgor, a high-end brand with a strong following in Europe, is a good example of Italy's cutting-edge appliance technology. And now the brand is available down under the manufacturer has entered into a partnership with Fulgor Milano Australasia.

Fulgor has manufactured appliances for more than 60 years, and the brand is renowned for its distinctive styling, fine craftsmanship and pioneering technological advances, says Courtney James of Fulgor Milano Australasia.

Fulgor Milano is a new Italian appliance collection display device, flat panel display, furniture, media, multimedia, product, product design, screen, technology, television, white
Fulgor Milano is a new Italian appliance collection that is now available in Australia. Designed to provide a fully co-ordinated kitchen, the range includes a built-in wine cellar, LED TV, steam and combi ovens, and a wide range of cooktops and ovens

"The collection is notable for its points of difference," he says. "The range includes a built-in LED television that matches the built-in ovens, coffee machine and wine cellar. Other appliances include freestanding ovens, induction cooktops and innovative touch-control gas cooktops."

Fulgor Milano is opening a series of showroom galleries around Australia, where you can see and learn more about the appliances. You can also enjoy a freshly brewed coffee and baking on the premises.

All products are backed by full after-sales servicing.

Italian appliance collection by Fulgor Milano black and white, countertop, kitchen, kitchen appliance, kitchen stove, product design, sink, small appliance, table, tap, white, black
Italian appliance collection by Fulgor Milano

For more details, contact Fulgor Milano Australasia Pty Ltd, Unit C70/24-32 Lexington Dr, Bella Vista, NSW 2153, phone 1300 FULGOR (385 467). Website: www.fulgor.com.au.

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02 Apr, 2014

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