Owners' landscaping experience pays off

When you have your own landscaping company, you're going to have a head start in redeveloping the grounds as part of your own home renovation

For the new owners of this extensively renovated 100-year-old house, the garden was full of possibilities. 

And it helped that owners Matt Cantwell and Rochelle Abood run their own landscape design company, Secret Gardens of Sydney. 

"We loved the property at first sight," says Cantwell. "There were several large shade trees at the front. There was an existing garden, but it wasn't the look we wanted, so we gutted the entire yard, leaving just three mature trees two eucalyptus and one banksia."

"We went to great lengths to preserve the trees and protect their roots," Cantwell says. 

"Their shade makes it possible to have a west-facing outdoor living area. In fact, the way the dappled light changes during the day is one of the delights of the property. We added a row of banjo fig trees along one boundary. These are underplanted with low-maintenance, ornamental ginger plants that help to screen the property." 

"The white boundary wall beside the pool features planting. Near the house we chose pleached Slender Weaver bamboo, which looks like a hedge on stilts," says Cantwell. 

"With the leafy canopy raised, we could introduce lights beneath. We also added a Stephanotis floribunda creeper, and large cacti, including Golden Barrel, in white pots. "

"We designed the garden so we can always see the children playing in the pool from wherever we sit," says Cantwell. 

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Story by: Trendsideas

12 Jan, 2020

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