Enjoy movies from the comfort of your home with a performant Yamaha system

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view of the yamaha subwoofer

Improvements in technology have made home theatre a realistic option for many people. Even better, the choice in systems allows homeowners to select features to suit their lifestyle needs.

Yamaha Music Australia is the national distributor for Yamaha home theatre, audio and visual products. Marketing manager Paul Astbury says Yamaha has long been recognised as a designer and producer of high-quality audiovisual componentry and systems.

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view of the lounge and the yamaha home audio/ entertainment system

"At the same time, the company has ensured its range includes something for everyone, from the technically savvy audiophile to the budget-conscious, home theatre novice," he says.

The philosophy of quality in function and design inherent in Yamaha products stems from the company's heritage in music products, which dates back to 1887, and from its development of technologies such as Cinema Digital Soundfield Processing, Natural Black picture contrast, Digital Top-Art design and Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimiser.

view of the receiver for the digital home audio equipment, audio receiver, electronic device, electronics, multimedia, product, radio receiver, stereo amplifier, technology, white, black
view of the receiver for the digital home theatre

With these types of technologies, Yamaha reproduces images and sound as naturally as possible, so movies and music can be fully enjoyed at home.

For more information on these products, contact Yamaha Music Australia, Level 1, 99 Queensbridge Street, South Melbourne, Vic 3006, phone (1300) 739 411, fax (1800) 331 119. Email: avsales@gmx.yamaha.com. Website: www.yamahamusic.com.

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15 Feb, 2005

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