LCD televisions specifically designed for New Zealand's broadcast systems are part of the comprehensive range from Sharp

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sharps new pal panel seres lcd television range includes the 32 inch as seen in this licing area. it is ddesigned to match the dot configuration of nzs pal standard broadcasts

In terms of technology and affordability, there has never been a better time to buy a new television. But the great diversity of products available means it's essential to do your homework first.

Choosing a television that fits with your lifestyle is a priority, which is why Sharp manufactures a comprehensive range of LCD televisions. And the range is not limited to standard sizes the company that introduced the world's first 45-inch LCD television is shortly to release a 65-inch model as well.

Sharp national marketing manager Marcellus Ramakers says this set will be the largest LCD television on the global market.

"The extended product range is in line with the increasing demand for high-quality LCD televisions," he says.

Sharp's product range includes the new PAL Panel Series, specifically designed to work with the broadcast system used by all New Zealand television networks. The televisions also match the dot configuration of DVD picture signals.

"Available in 26, 32, and 37-inch widescreen models, these new Optimum PAL Panels boast a pixel resolution capable of reproducing a picture without any signal compensation or reduction," says Ramakers. "Combined with Sharp's advanced technology and 170° viewing angle, the televisions produce bright, crystal-clear images that can be seen from virtually anywhere in the room."

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view of sharps 45 inch lcd tv paired with the home theatre sytem with dvd player

The televisions incorporate Sharp's Quickshoot technology, which achieves a super-fast 12-millisecond response speed, resulting in clear, bold pictures, even for fast-moving action sequences.

Ramakers says the PAL Panel Series LCD televisions also feature Advanced Super View LCD panels. These have a low reflection black TFT coating, ensuring a bright, clear picture that is not compromised by ambient or direct sunlight.

Another feature is the advanced optical picture control. This senses the surrounding light and automatically reproduces images that are easy and comfortable on the eyes.

Ramakers says the new Sharp Aquos LC-65G5X 65-inch widescreen LCD television will be available in the new year.

"The television was unveiled for the first time recently," he says. "While the imposing size of the screen initially created a lot of attention, it was the high-definition images and super-vivid colour that really made an impression."

Ramakers says the great number of pixels (1920 x 1080) contributes to the high resolution, high-definition picture.

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view of the new sharp aqous 65 inch lcd television that is due to be released in new zealand in the new year

"Sharp has also combined the world's largest screen size and high-definition technology with another breakthrough a new four wavelength backlight system that creates deeper, more vivid reds than previously thought possible. It also enhances all colour reproduction."

The television features an ultramodern design with a titanium finish, a detachable stand, and bottom speakers that enable a variety of installation options.

As with all Sharp LCD televisions, the Aquos LC-65G5X has been designed and manufactured to meet strict environmental guidelines. Sharp LCD televisions include the use of non-halogen resin in the cabinet, and lead-free solder in the circuit boards. The electrical cords are also free of vinyl chloride. In addition, recycled products are used in the manufacture of the base stands.

For further information, contact Sharp Corporation of New Zealand, PO Box 12-244, Penrose, Auckland, phone (09) 573 0111, fax (09) 573 0112. Email: ramakers@sharp.net.nz. Or visit the website: www.sharp.net.nz.

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23 Aug, 2005

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