Minimalist renovation strikes the right balance

It can be tough to balance a minimalist aesthetic with the livabiity required for a family home, but these architects succeeded

Architect: Technē Architecture + Interior Design

About the project (text supplied): Bell Street House thoughtfully responds to its homeowners’ lifestyles, striking the balance between a minimalist aesthetic and the liveability necessary to its function as a family home.

Our client brief called for an understated contemporary space that would accommodate their love for entertaining. What entailed was a full reconfiguration of the existing floor plan comprising new front and rear courtyard spaces and, new external windows and doors. A new staircase with powder room underneath repurposes forgotten space, overcoming the common spatial challenges that present themselves in home refurbishments.

We envisioned a space that would exude a sense of lightness and bring calm to those within it. Maximising airflow and maintaining a strong visual connection to the courtyard spaces was central to achieving this. The monochromatic colour palette is softened by an abundance of natural light, imbuing the space with warmth. Additional textural finishes such as timber, marble, rendered brick and chunky carpet bring tactility to the home.

Architect: Technē Architecture + Interior DesignPhotography by Tom cabinetry, countertop, cuisine classique, floor, interior design, kitchen, kitchen stove, product design, tap, white, gray
Architect: Technē Architecture + Interior DesignPhotography by Tom Blachford

The result is a contemporary aesthetic that responds to the functional challenges of the family home – especially one with a small child. The project is a testament to Techne's ability to deliver bespoke and authentic design at any scale, where each architectural response is unique to its context and human usage.

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08 Jun, 2017

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