Make a statement in your kitchen with coloured stainless steel sinks

Adding flair to a kitchen typically involves a colourful splashback or pendant light arrangement – but have you ever considered the sink?

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Want to add a splash of colour to your kitchen?

Sick of plain stainless steel? Want to make your kitchen stand out? Ikon, New Zealand purveyor of premium sinks, has just released a new Designer Series. Now, you can buy a coloured stainless steel sink that's bold, colourful and resilient.A colourful sink for every kitchenAside from being durable and easy to work with, these coloured sinks are the best way to make a strong statement in your kitchen. Not since the 1960s and 1970s, when Kohler released its cast iron enamel sinks with vibrant colours like 'Tiger Lily' and 'Avocado', has there been such variety available.When working on your kitchen project, you've now got the freedom to pick a sink that matches the colour palette of your space – without sacrificing any of the durability you require.Designing and building a stand-out sinkWhile coloured sinks are not new, the process Ikon uses is. When developing the Charcoal range of coloured sinks, New Zealand R&D team started to pursue the ultimate sink. One that could be crafted in any colour and be as tough as a standard stainless steel alternative. After much development, Ikon believes it has the most durable sink on the market – and in any colour.Unlike the enamel examples mentioned above, these new sinks will not crack or chip if something is dropped on them, thanks to their sturdy stainless steel construction.Now, when looking for a new sink, you've got the colour choices of power coating, the aesthetics of PVD, and the durability of traditional stainless steel.Find out more about Ikon

Story by: David Renwick

26 Oct, 2017

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