Light is creative energy

Refine your furniture and furnishing concepts with the sensitive power of light. Transform nondescript rooms into vibrant living spaces. This is where Magic lights give you all the options: compact, energy saving LEDs you can discreetly integrate into furniture; intelligent lighting control that conjures the perfect feel good ambience at the press of a button

Cooking with light

Living with light

Sandwich with light effect: LED technology makes astonishing statements. Versa in ChannelLine 1.

Welcome to the Magic reader service. In the picture: one of our flexible staff. Snap.

And this is where you're the lighting director. With swiveling spots from Magic. Swing.

Playing with light

You down to a tee: Delicate LED band with dimmer. For pleasantly soft light. Versa Inside I in ChannelLine 1.

Story by: Trendsideas

10 Nov, 2015

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