Leaps and bounds

When it comes to advances in audiovisual technology, there's plenty happening behind the scenes, as the latest products from Sony can testify

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view of the sony minsystem

Just when you thought you had seen it all, along comes another new product that sets new standards in home theatre technology.

But the ever-changing nature of the industry is also what makes it so exciting, says Sam Duncan, senior product manager Sony New Zealand.

"Sony is constantly researching and developing the next generation of products, even when it seems we can't improve on what has gone before," he says. "The new Sony Grand Wega LCD projection TV is a good example. This television combines the proprietary Sony Wega Engine advanced picture quality system, and its precise digital image processing, with Sony's new 3LCD technology."

Duncan says this technology captures and optimises colour images to provide improved definition.

"The result is a highly detailed picture, with bright, natural colours," he says.

Improved sound quality is also evident, thanks to the new S-Master digital amplifier, which is designed to provide power-enriched sound output from a minimal space.

"These amplifiers are programmed to provide authentic sound reproduction, as they eliminate analogue conversion components that deteriorate signal coherence," says Duncan. "When combined with the Sony Wega TruSurround speaker system, this means you can enjoy a cinema-quality experience in the comfort of your own home."

Not surprisingly, the Sony Grand Wega is equipped with multiple componentinputs that let you connect to various sources. These can include a Handycam, memory stick, Cyber-shot digital still camera, DVD player and recorder, Playstation, and analogue and digital television broadcast.

The RDRHX910 DVD recorder shown with the Grand Wega TV is another new product from Sony. This DVD recorder features a high-capacity 250GB hard disk for 428 hours of recording time. With dual layer DVD recording capabilities, the system is also easy to use, thanks to a new, user-friendly, on-screen display system with visual thumbnails.

You can even watch the beginning of a TV programme you are recording before you finish recording the end. By skipping through unnecessary scenes, you may even be able to catch up to real time.

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Interior view of lounge

Sony recognises that product versatility is a key requirement for many homeowners today. The new multi-function HT series LCD TVs were designed with this in mind you can simultaneously view television images and your PC on the same screen, thanks to the PIP (Picture-in-Picture) feature.

These TVs combine high-resolution XGA panels with a built-in multi-system TV tuner with multiple inputs.

"The TVs are also equipped with Sony's new Clear Bright LCD screens to ensure unmatched colour reproduction, contrast and clarity," says Duncan. "This technology incorporates a glare filter that allows sharp contrast, with minimal reflection and richer colour production for both still and moving pictures. The end result is images that are more natural and realistic than those on conventional televisions."

The HT series TVs are also designed to lessen eye strain. An advanced light sensor automatically adjusts the display's brightness level according to the brightness of the surrounding environment. This function makes for more comfortable viewing especially when the display is viewed for longer periods.

Aesthetics haven't been overlooked either. The HT series has a sleek design with a rising, curved base, crafted to look right at home in the most contemporary living or work environment.

The MFMHT75 17-inch LCD screen, from the HT series, features in the bedroom of the home shown on these pages.

Another popular home theatre set-up shown here is the Sony DA32 32-inch widescreen TV, which is paired with the DHCFLX5D five-disk DVD home theatre system.

The DA32 widescreen TV features Sony's acclaimed Wega Engine picture processing circuit and incorporates DRC technology. This enhances picture definition by adding more lines and pixels to the video signal. Coupled to a true flat-glass panel and a fine pitch aperture grille, picture perfection is virtually guaranteed, says Duncan.

This home also features the Sony MHCGNX80 mini system. With 255W per channel and a 200W subwoofer, the system produces a big sound that belies its size.

Another new offering from Sony is the Vaio VGNFS28GP notebook. This features a dual layer DVD writer, 15.4-inch Clear Bright LCD, and for extra performance, 512MB RAM and an 80GB hard drive all packaged in a lightweight magnesium alloy chassis. The notebook comes with software that lets you share audiovisual content on your home network.

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view of the lounge and sony's new ws60 grand wega 60 inch LCD

For big-screen entertainment at home, Sony has updated its Cineza range of projectors. Available in entry-level and advanced mid-range models, the Cineza features three-panel LCD technology and widescreen projection.

"Large-screen entertainment is at the heart of the home theatre experience, and Sony has dedicated much of its technology to ensuring the highest picture reproduction possible," says Duncan.

Many of Sony's home theatre systems provide wireless audio transmission technology so there is no need to worry about cabling spoiling the look of your room.

Sony's new S-DIAT (Digital Infrared Audio Transmission) system transmits the audio signals of the most advanced high bandwidth media, such as DVD and HBDTV, using infrared light.

"Unlike conventional wireless transmission systems based on analogue FM technologies, S-DIAT signals are not compressed," says Duncan. "This means the original signal integrity is maintained without distortion, even in the presence of noise interference."

With the S-DIAT technology there is no need to run speaker cables from the front to the rear. One of the rear speakers is powered and has a built-in amplifier, which then sends a signal to the other rear speaker through a single cable across the back of the room. This is more discrete than running cables from front to back.

The home theatre at right, which features S-DIAT wireless transmission, incorporates a KEMX42 42-inch plasma TV. This TV also features Wega Engine technology a high definition panel which has more than 1 million pixels, so that even the tiniest picture detail is perfectly represented.

For more information or details of your nearest showroom, contact Sony New Zealand, phone (09) 488 6188, fax (09) 488 0115. Website: www.sony.co.nz.

Story by: Trendsideas

08 Mar, 2005