Kludi Zenta Based on the architectural shapes of the circle & the rectangle, Zenta is a sleek combination of the two styles. The streamlined design is striking, without dominating its surroundings. Available with four different finishes- chrome, black, white & brushed nickel, it’s ea...

Tangenta Pullout Sink Mixer

Zenta Brushed Nickel Sink Mixer

L-ine Pullout Sink Mixer

Zenta Black Sink Mixer

For more information, please visit www.foreno.co.nz or www.vodaplumbingware.co.nz

Tangenta Sink Mixer

Zenta Black Basin Mixer

Zenta White Basin Mixer

Zenta Chrome Basin Mixer

Zenta Chrome Sink Mixer

L-ine Sink Mixer

Zenta White Sink Mixer

Zenta Chrome Shower Mixer

Zenta White Shower Mixer

Zenta Chrome Diverter Shower Mixer

Zenta Black Shower Mixer

Story by: Trendsideas

06 Jul, 2016

Home kitchen bathroom commercial design

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