Kitchen Test Drive Blum

Get moving and test drive your kitchen.

Modern Kitchen planning software now enables spatial representations in 3D. Nevertheless, it is difficult for many potential kitchen buyers to see themselves in the new kitchen and imagine how they would use it.Hardly anyone would buy a new car without first trying at least a brief test drive in the new car. 

A new kitchen is certainly a comparable investment.Now you can see and experience your kitchen long before it is finished. With Blum's Kitchen test drive, you are free to arrange and build your kitchen on a 1:1 scale and within minutes, you can visualise and physically walk through your designs.

The workflow in the kitchen can be experienced first hand, enabling optimisation to be made. The potential kitchen buyer will be able to see how much better it is to have a kitchen planned in well designed zones and any problems/errors can be detected early on so the plan can be adjusted accordingly.

Only available in our Auckland Showroom - 621 Rosebank Road, Avondale

Story by: Trendsideas

09 Nov, 2017

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