Kitchen Architecture wins 2024 TIDA New Zealand Designer Kitchen of the Year

Congratulations to Toni Roberts of Kitchen Architecture, winner of the 2024 TIDA New Zealand Designer Kitchen of the Year – bold stone and clever functionality

Watch a slideshow of this award-winning kitchen, including designer Toni Roberts talking about the bold use of stone in the design

For owners who loved colourful sculptures and artworks, and designers like Versace and Louis Vuitton, a subtly toned new kitchen was not going to be the way to go.

Open to surprising elements, they wanted ‘funky’, and rich patterning – expressed with tasteful luxury in mind.

The design evolved around a spectacular slice of jade green Viridian quartzite – a striking statement and art piece in its own right. 

Sculpted into a bold island block, the Viridian is then encased within yet another equally artistic, dark stone frame forming the breakfast bar.

So as not to upstage the harbour and city views from the kitchen, the same dark stone graces the sink bench and walls, providing an elegant textural backdrop.

Metal-infused charcoal lacquer was specified for the kitchen joinery, while oyster floor tiles soften the confident palette.

The cabinetry also houses a dedicated wine chiller and bar, accessed by a pocket door to reveal a surprising splash of vibrant Resene Jalapeno red.

The TIDA judges were impressed with how the designer has handled the combination of such strong patterns and colours to produce a cohesive and opulent design that’s perfectly  in tune with the owners’ tastes.

See more images and the full story here

Designed by: Toni Roberts, Kitchen Architecture

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Kayle Lawson

09 May, 2024

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