Models within the Hideaway Deluxe range feature a friction fitted lid, making them ideal for use in a kitchen environment as odours are locked away.For more details, please visit the web: www. hideawaybins.co.nz

The Soft Close Bin is ideal for use in a kitchen environment as the friction-fitted fit contains an antibacterial powder coating to fight harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi. The 15L buckets fit standard supermarket shopping bags.

A modern coffee station featuring a Hideaway Soft Close SC240D-W which remains discreetly hidden away when not in use. Sleek and innovation in design, the busy kitchen space can run smoothly and effectively in a commercial environment. Acknowledgements: Cab...

Using a double 15L Hideaway Bin such as this Soft Close SC215D-W is great for disposing of waste. Not only does the friction-fitted create a seal across the buckets to assist in odour control, it also features an antibacterial powder coat making it a hygie...

The friction-fidded lid on this KK6D Deluxe Hideaway Bin makes it the perfect kitchen waste solution as it creates a seal across the buckets, assisting in odour control.

A 50L Hideaway Bin featuring in an office / commercial kitchen.

Hideaway Soft Close SC240D-W in a kitchen environment.

Story by: Trendsideas

10 Nov, 2015

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