Jayline Fireplaces

Jayline has been making moments cozy for Kiwis in their homes for nearly 40 years. 

More than a wood fire - a feature ceiling, daylighting, door, floor, interior design, living room, real estate, window, wood, white
More than a wood fire - a feature in your home, day or night!

The 2018-release UL200 is New Zealand's most efficient Ultra Low Emission Burner (ULEB) - Ultra Efficient, Ultra Simple, Ultra Stylish, Ultra Cozy, and, at $3999 including flue, Ultra Affordable for those requiring a ULEB due to local clean air regulations or for those style and environmentally-conscious home owners. Jayline's bestselling FR Series were launched in 2017 after being designed especially for Kiwi wood fire consumers' wants and needs - large flame window, Soft Glide ash drawer for easy clean, and 8mm cooktop. There's a Jayline fireplace to suit all new and renovated home applications, all tastes and all budgets. 

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Feb 01, 2018
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