Is kitchen planning in a rut? And are we ready for a change?

Top kitchen designer Melanie Craig gives her thoughts on where we might be heading

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Designer Melanie Craig

By Melanie Craig:

Everything is cyclical so I do see the kitchen footprint changing – but it won’t go back to the 1950s when the kitchen was in a room by itself.

Having worked in the industry for nearly two decades, I’ve been able to mould the kitchen space through the years to become the central heart pulse for the entire home.

So the kitchen now contributes to keeping the household together, keeping friends closer and to eating healthier, which is much easier to do in your own home.

Over the past 20 years, lifestyles have become so chaotic, and everyday routine has been so fast-paced that we’ve had to develop a back kitchen to hide food preparation and mess, plus an island where we eat most meals. Because we just need get out the door as quickly as possible.

However, as we wake up to the pressures of social media and want to reign in our own homes again, we’re noticing in our current consultations that clients want a beautiful kitchen, but also want to enjoy conversation.

And they don’t want to be doing this directly beside the kitchen.

The kitchen is a workplace. It’s noisy and  smelly. And when you’re ready to relax or slow down you don’t want to be reminded of all that you still need to do in your kitchen.

That’s what’s driving the resurgence of the dining table.


Melanie Craig of Melanie Craig Design is an award-winning kitchen and bathroom designer and member of the Trends Design Council.

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Story by: Melanie Craig

22 Jun, 2019

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