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For a productive office environment, Acutherm VAV diffusers from Smooth-Air offer a leading-edge solution
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Low angle shot of office building.

Healthy indoor environments aren't simply a modern fad. Clean, comfortable air can have direct impact on staff productivity and your bottom line. For economical, year-round comfort, it may pay to consider a new-technology solution for your space.

Smooth-Air Products imports and supplies a range of Acutherm Therma-Fuser diffusers throughout New Zealand, says national sales and marketing manager Vince Atkinson.

"Therma-Fuser diffusers are ceiling diffusers with built-in thermostats and dampers for varying the air volume in large or small commercial environments.

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Exterior of office building.

"The dampers are continuously adjusted by actuators, or controls, that are both room temperature sensors and damper motors. The non-electric actuators are brass cylinders containig a petroleum distillate wax that melts when heated and expands at precise temperatures. These open and close dampers to vary the airflow into the room in response to the temperature creating optimum working environments, no matter what the exterior temperature or office occupancy level."

With each Therma-Fuser diffuser acting as an individual zone of control, every area of the building can enjoy separate, optimised temperature settings. Other advantages include greatly reduced power bills, superior air distribution, fully controllable blow patterns, and a low cost per operation zone.

In a departure from conventional controls, Therma-Fuser thermally powered diffusers do not need to be hooked up to electronics or pneumatics, and as a result require no maintenance. They are offered with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee.

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Wooden flooring, grey seating, vase of purple flowers.

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Jun 09, 2012
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