Home for a family of musicians

A heritage timber bungalow extended to provide new living areas and a specialised sound recording space

It's clear from the moment you see it architecture, building, facade, home, house, property, real estate, residential area, black
It's clear from the moment you see it that this home is quite liveable

About the project: The Rhythm house is a home designed for a family of musicians. An existing Heritage timber bungalow is extended to provide new living areas, a specialised sound recording space and performance area that accommodates a grand piano. A dramatic contrast between the existing and proposed extension was important to the project.The structural expression of the new form is reminiscent of a well tuned instrument, like a deconstructed piano or double bass. An innovative sustainable timber portal structural system was adopted as the framework for the rear extension. Working closely with the structural engineer and the acoustic engineer, this portal system was designed to provide cost and construction efficiency. In addition, the expressed undulating internal portals provide a faceted surface which ensures that the space performs well acoustically. The portal frames are also read externally as a rhythmic series of columns that activate the streetscape along Napperby Street.

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13 Oct, 2017

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