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This new Adelaide high-rise sets a benchmark in environmentally sustainable design from its double-glazed windows and solar cells to the choice of energy-efficient Miele appliances in the kitchen
Apartment kitchen with white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances countertop, home appliance, interior design, kitchen, gray, black
Apartment kitchen with white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and glass sliding doors.

Environmental design is not only changing the face of many commercial buildings in Australia it's also influencing new residential projects.

Conservatory on Hindmarsh Square in Adelaide is a good example. Designed by Pruszinski Architects and developed by the Hines Group, the building is one of the most ambitious environmentally sustainable, high-rise residential office and apartment buildings to be built in Australia. When completed, the building is expected to achieve a 50% reduction in energy use by apartments, and a 95% reduction for all common areas traditionally an area of greatest consumption in apartment buildings.

Hines property director James Hines says Conservatory will establish new benchmarks for environmentally sustainable high-rise apartment living in South Australia, and will be a model for similar developments in other states.

Special design features include on-site electricity generation through solar panels and a low emission micro-turbine. Heat created by this process will be used to heat all the residential hot water and the swimming pool. Other features include high-efficiency lighting, lift systems and air conditioning, as well as large, on-site rainwater tanks that will collect and re-use water.

The apartments will also incorporate the latest environmentally sustainable design features, such as renewable building materials, low-emission wood, paint and carpet. In addition, all apartments will feature extensive double glazing, cross ventilation and abundant natural light, and incorporate a simple-to-use three-stream recycling system.

Kitchen with white cabinetry, black tiled flooring and architecture, bathroom, floor, flooring, interior design, laminate flooring, product design, room, tap, tile, wall, wood flooring, black, white
Kitchen with white cabinetry, black tiled flooring and stainless steel appliances.

To maintain the energy efficiency directive and the high quality of the interior fit-out, a full complement of Miele appliances have been specified. The display apartment on these pages showcases the Miele products, which are expected to save residents in excess of 1200kW of electricity a year.

Miele national projects manager Robert Warner says the company's research and development teams are continually striving to improve the performance of their appliances, at the same time conserving resources and economising on the raw materials used in their manufacture.

"The quality and craftsmanship of Miele appliances have ensured they have been global benchmarks for many years," Warner says. "Today, they are also setting new standards for environmental design."

Conservatory apartments will feature the Miele KM390G gas hob, designed for easy operation and fast, efficient cooking. The control configuration provides access to all burners without interference, and the design ensures pots can be transferred easily to other burners.

The Miele H4240B multifunction oven is also about ease of use, says Warner.

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Exterior view of high-rise apartment building.

"Performance from the fan-forced cooking system enables you to cook on up to three levels. The efficient fan system, together with a ring heater element, reduces cooking time and thus energy consumption. And, of course, it provides perfectly even cooking results."

Apartments will also feature the Miele M8261 microwave oven, with programs that include automatic cooking, reheating and defrosting. The combination program with the powerful grill element not only cooks food fast, it also browns it at the same time.

As with the other appliances, the Miele G1170VI Plus fully integrated dishwasher will be programmed to operate at its most efficient level. Unlike most dishwashers, it will be connected to hot water, reducing the drain on mains electricity to heat cold water. Warner says the dishwasher is not only environmentally friendly, it is also whisper quiet an added bonus in an apartment. The dishwasher can accommodate 12 place settings.

For more information, contact Miele Australia, head office phone (03) 9764 7130; South Melbourne showroom phone (03) 9764 7199; NSW: phone (02) 8977 4230; Qld: phone (07) 3632 2430; SA: phone (08) 8352 9500; WA: phone (08) 9478 0466; NZ: phone +64 6 350 1350 or +64 9 573 1269. Website: www.miele.com.au.

Oct 20, 2006
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