Haven takes the new, Warwick Naturally brand to the forefront for upholstery and drapery design solutions. Pure and inherently harmonious, Haven is a premium European linen that revels in the natural lustre of flax, while infusing modern and traditional interior landscapes with a warm, relaxed elegance unlike any other. Showcasing the fabric’s natural qualities, Haven is a high-end, piece dyed linen that gives arm chairs, sofas, ottomans, lampshades, cushions and drapery a distinctly graceful and inviting aesthetic. This 100% linen impresses with its soft yet durable qualities, while its natural weight extends its use to drapery. A comprehensive selection of 43 colourways have been created to complement Haven’s natural texture and handle. Classic snowy whites, beautiful clean greys and modern charcoals take the range into any interior design scheme, while fresh sorbet hues keep it on trend with a gentle touch of modern colour.

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01 Oct, 2023

01 Oct, 2023

01 Oct, 2023

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