French quarter

Inspired by a historic Normandy-style manor, this Atlanta development resembles a small village of French country cottages

View of Normandy style home with stone and cottage, estate, farmhouse, home, house, land lot, mansion, neighbourhood, property, real estate, residential area, suburb, tree, village, white
View of Normandy style home with stone and stucco walls, balcony and alcoves.

With their high-pitched roofs, stone walls and arched windows, traditional Normandy houses have a visual appeal that has been recognized for centuries. It's a look that has influenced the design of many American homes a decision sometimes inspired by the houses seen by US infantry serving in France during the two world wars.

Leading American architect Aymar Embury II, who served in France in World War I, designed such a house on West Ferry Paces Road in Atlanta. The Richardson-Franklin house, as it is known today, is a historic residence built on a 100-acre woodland estate. The house was most recently restored by Harrison Design & Associates, an architectural firm that has also designed new houses within a planned development 675 West Paces Ferry that has grown up around the estate.

Architect Bill Harrison says many developments can have a negative impact on the integrity of historic homes and gardens, but it doesn't have to be this way.

Large stone home with steep grey tiled roofing. cottage, estate, farmhouse, hacienda, historic house, home, house, landscape, mansion, property, real estate, residential area, sky, suburb, tree, villa, black
Large stone home with steep grey tiled roofing.

"The developers were so inspired by the magnificent Normandy-style estate that they commissioned Harrison Design Associates to craft a small village of country French cottages that pay homage to the house, which is an updated legacy that remains true to its French heritage, and is the crown jewel of the neighborhood."

Harrison says the design team created the overall vision and design direction for the development. It carefully sited the houses and designed the exterior and interior architecture to maximize the woodland views and provide privacy.

"While there is a cohesive Norman theme throughout the village, thoughtfully articulated details give each home its own particular identity and character," he says.

View of Normandy style home with stone and architecture, building, facade, home, house, mansion, medieval architecture, neighbourhood, real estate, window, white, black
View of Normandy style home with stone and stucco walls, balcony and alcoves.

Typical features include high-pitched, black slate roofs and dormer windows, layered eaves, half-timbered walls and deep-set arched entrances. Similar stone and slate was used for each house, just as would have been the case in France where products were sourced locally.

To provide for modern lifestyles, the houses also feature large, open-plan kitchen-living areas, and attractive outdoor living environments.

For more details, contact Harrison Design & Associates, 3198 Cains Hill Place NW, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30305, phone (404) 365 7760, tollfree (866) 688 3988. Or visit the company's website: www.harrisondesignassociates.com.

Story by: Trendsideas

02 Feb, 2007