Felicity Brenchley Architects wins 2024 TIDA New Zealand Architect Kitchen of the Year

Congratulations to Felicity Brenchley, winner of the 2024 TIDA New Zealand Architect Kitchen of the Year, for a kitchen with Mid-century modern influences

Watch a slide show of this award-winning kitchen – and hear architect Felicity Brenchley talking about the design

The architect-owner of this home was personally involved in every step of the project, using it as an opportunity to indulge her love of making by hand.

And the kitchen reflects the overall concept for the house, with a refined material palette that references mid-century design.

Hand-stained timber veneer cabinetry complements the natural timber ceiling panels, while white brick, glossy Moroccan mosaic tiles, and white doors add texture and lightness to the space. 

The dark stained island bench deliberately contrasts the rest of the cabinets, with half-round beading also texture adding to the curved form.

Feeling more like a piece of furniture, it aligns with the dining table, creating an axis within the space for people to gather around.

Custom brass cabinet handles were designed as a reflection of the curves and angles of the house and were made in collaboration with the architect’s mother, who is a silversmith.

The TIDA judges felt this was an excellent example of current kitchen design concepts – both aesthetically and with its emphasis on sustainability principles.

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Designed by: Felicity Brenchley Architects

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Samuel Hartnett

09 May, 2024

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