Completed Bathrooms

Here we will place some completed bathrooms that we have renovated for clients.

Wall hung vanity Strata single drawer vitreous china vanity top, mirror wall cabinet recessed back into wall, back to wall toilet, dark tiled floor & tiled skirting with cream wall tiles up to 1200mm high.

Shower over bath, Tiled walls around shower, ceiling fan, bath/shower door, tiled window sill and recessed soap shelf.

The bathroom renovations by us are complete, we install new GIB® board, plaster, paint, tile products of your choice all with a good warenty that is transferable. This photo shows a bathroom finished floor to ceiling including scotia so you can see the complete ...

A standard NZ bathroom, with not much room, so we have placed the shower over the bath, fully tiled the shower/bath area including the window frame and also included toughened glass in the window.

Showing the room room from shower/bath to vanity and toilet.

Story by: Trendsideas

10 Nov, 2015

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