Commercial orcorporate...sortedwith a Hideaway® Bin. The versatility and strength of Hideaway Bins ensures that they will withstand any commercial environment.For more details, please visit the web: www. hideawaybins.co.nz

A functional, modern kitchen with a recycling system integrated seamlessly into the kitchen design. 50L Hideaway Bins are installed side by side keeping waste hidden away, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the environment. Acknowledgements: ...

Hideaway Bins are proud to be part of the ASB Bank North Wharf Project. Hideaway single 50 litre bins are installed side by side as a recycling station. Hideaway Bins provide employees with a solution for effortless waste and recyclin...

A 50L Hideaway Bin featured in a retail environment.

A 15L Hideaway Bin at a checkout makes it simple to dispose of waste efficiently, keeping it hidden out of sight from customers.

A Hideaway Bin helps to keep busy coffee stations tidy and uncluttered.Featured is the Hideaway Soft Close bin with 2 x 40 litre buckets (model SC240D-W) which remains discreetly hidden away when it is not in use.Acknowledgements: Cabinetry bu...

Installing side-by-side 50L Hideaway Bins is an ideal recycling and waste solution in a corporate or commercial setting.

Hideaway Bins are durable and versatile, capable of withstanding any commercial environment.

Installing a 15L Hideaway Bin in an office keeps waste hidden to help maintain a tidy workspace.

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10 Nov, 2015

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