Chill-out zone

Simple, uncluttered design and a natural colour palette create a relaxing kitchen environment, enhanced by the textural mix of Laminex laminates
A view ofsome laninex benchtops. chest of drawers, drawer, furniture, product, product design, sideboard, white
A view ofsome laninex benchtops.

Considering the design emphasis now placed on achieving a good indoor-outdoor flow, it is probably not surprising to see nature influencing kitchen design trends.

The organic colours of the outdoors are finding their way into modern kitchens, helping to create relaxing, light-filled interiors where simple, uncluttered looks are the order of the day.

A view of a laminated benchtop. egg, gray
A view of a laminated benchtop.

This new kitchen is a good example of the way kitchens can reflect their immediate outdoor environment. It features a mix of Laminex laminates inspired by natural colours and textures.

The benchtop, for example, is Laminex Stringy Bark, a textured bark-like design with natural hues that include smoky grey, peat and touches of fossilised brown. This contrasts the use of Laminex Moleskin, a light neutral laminate, on the lower cabinetry. Overhead cabinets feature Laminex Oyster Linea laminate, which has subtle, pale latte tonings and a light woodgrain appearance.

A view of a laminated benchtop. egg, gray
A view of a laminated benchtop.

Laminex laminates come in a wide range of colours and designs, and are designed for durability and ease of maintenance.

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Jul 29, 2006
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