Cavalier Bremworth has the most comprehensive range of quality wool carpet for the residential market.

Combines a two-colour thick and thin yarn with a loop and cut pile construction for real textural interest.

Mistique is a luxurious plush pile offering a rewarding underfoot experience.

A chunky alternative to the classic level loop pile, Troika is suited to busy households where a simple, but stylish carpet is required.

A step up in comfort and luxury with the use of chunky felted wool on top of our world-first Flashbac recycled wool carpet backing on the bottom.

A smart-looking, chunky loop pile that is ideal for busy households.

Recreates the sensuousness of crushed velvet, providing a truly luxurious underfoot experience.

A very popular textured loop pile which combines the durability and performance of a loop pile, with the luxurious underfoot feel of a cut pile carpet.

This luxurious plush pile carpet will enrich the most gracious of homes creating an air of sophisticated elegance.

Castilla is a smart looking, heavy weight cut pile with excellent durability and comfort. This 48oz hard twist carpet will create a sense of luxury with its rich texture and supreme softness underfoot.

Your gran's carpet was never as smart as this modern take on the old heather classic. Family friendly and hard-wearing.

Defined by a precision loop pile construction that gives it a very tailored appearance, but not an overly formal one.

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10 Nov, 2015

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