Attic apartment receives sunny update

when updating this apartment, Superform Architects sought to increase natural light

This stairway runs counter to a potential shelf floor, flooring, house, interior design, laminate flooring, product design, wall, wood, wood flooring, gray
This stairway runs counter to a potential shelf unit

Architect: Superform

About the project: The focus for this renovation project was improving natural light and, by extension, the views of the surrounding area. According to Superform, the central part of the apartment features a 'canyon' which serves to bring in natural light and direct views out to the south.

This 'canyon' also features a covered terrace which offers panoramic city views. The central part of the attic apartment serves as the main living area and as a connection point to the other rooms. While it's unconventional, it does serve to eliminate unnecessary corridors.

In the western part of the southern arm the central space expands into a bay featuring a dining room, kitchen and gym. The northern arm of the central space opens up into a wardrobe.

Story by: Trends

Photography by: Miran Kambic

07 Sep, 2017

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