Arc NZ Baby launches New Toddler Safety-Fun Stool – The ‘Arc Assistant’ in New Zealand.

The Arc Assistant has four supporting walls that surround a standing platform. It assists toddlers to stand up at bench level, increasing the level of involvement and fun little ones can have with their parents, carers and grandparents in the kitchen and at other benches.

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Arc NZ Baby offers an appealing way to bring your child to the dinner or homework table.

Parents across New Zealand shared that they wanted to get their little one’s involved in the kitchen, but had no way to get them up to bench level in a safe manner. Many also highlighted that they wanted to have the stress taken out of meal preparation with toddlers.From learning of these unmet needs parents are battling with daily, the Arc NZ Baby brand and it’s hero product the Arc Assistant was born. “We are thrilled to offer parents and carers in New Zealand the Arc Assistant. The Arc Assistant is a Safety-Fun Stool that we designed and developed right here in New Zealand to enable little ones to stand supervised at bench level. We listened to the struggles that many Kiwi parents are having around the need to juggle meal preparation with looking after toddlers at the same time. We heard over and over about little ones getting under their feet, wanting up onto the bench and playing the disappearing act, all while meals are trying to be prepared. The pressure for parents to multi-task is an understatement.” says Cara Gullick, Founder and Director of Arc NZ Baby. “We are proud to offer a solution to these needs and in doing so support New Zealand businesses through having the Arc Assistant 100% made and safety tested right here in Auckland.” From the feedback that parents and grandparents are sharing so far, the Arc Assistant is already facilitating safe, fun and educational play in many kitchens around New Zealand. “We have been overwhelmed and humbled by all the feedback Arc NZ Baby has received so far” reports Cara. “Here is a snapshot of two reviews received about the Arc Assistant:” "We are so happy with our Arc Assistant. We have been looking for something like this for ages but nothing seemed to be as safe or stable as this or they were just converted stools. We love how easy it is to assemble and break down as there are no screws! This will get many years of use with our boys. Love it!!!! Jannah & Mark – South Canterbury "I took the Arc Assistant to the garage and loved using it with my grandson, he was happy playing with the wood and I was too as he couldn't harm himself. Great boys' day." Gordon - Christchurch The Arc Assistant is not an average stool. It is modular in design and can be assembled from flatpack in 90 seconds by one adult with no tools. It can be dissembled for easy storage even quicker. The front wall of the Arc Assistant is removable to enable toddlers to be placed onto the standing platform. This saves parents needing to lift toddlers over the top. The front of the Arc Assistant can also be placed flush to the bench, assisting toddlers to get fully involved with the activities set out for them. “At Arc NZ Baby we hope the Arc Assistant helps many more families and their toddlers enjoy fun activities in the kitchen and at other benches in an enjoyable and stress-free way. We're excited to share the new Arc Assistant with people throughout New Zealand,” says Cara. For more information see their website: www.arcnzbaby.com

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07 Aug, 2017

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