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Regardless of your cooking style or the design of your kitchen, there's a Dacor appliance to suit your needs

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View of the kitchen area

The key to success with any recipe is paying careful attention to details such as cooking times and ingredient measurements.

Consistently applying the same attention to detail to all its products has helped consolidate Dacor's position as an innovative industry leader. This family-owned-and-run company has been manufacturing cooking appliances since 1965.

Dacor's three appliance lines the bold, commercial-look Epicure; the understated, low-profile Millennia; and the curved Preference offer distinct styling to complement any home. In addition to visual appeal, Dacor appliances are also conceived with functionality, efficiency and ease of use in mind.

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Interior view of dining area

For example, the PGM365 Preference five-burner all-gas cooktop combines precision control with high performance. Features such as an integral stainless steel spill basin, sealed gas burners and continuous platform grates allow for ease of cleaning, while protected igniters and SimmerSafe¢ indicator lights ensure safe operation.

The 30 inch, dual-fuel ERD30 Epicure range was designed for those who love cooking, but lack space. Dacor's Pure Convection¢ technology allows you to prepare an entire meal at once without transferring flavors between dishes.

A new addition to the Epicure line, the Epicure WineSteward¢ brings added functionality to the den or recreation space. With a glass door and soft interior lighting, its seven sliding wine racks can store more than 50 bottles.

View of the kitchen area of this home cabinetry, countertop, cuisine classique, home appliance, interior design, kitchen, kitchen appliance, kitchen stove, room, brown, red
View of the kitchen area of this home

In addition to a wide choice of cooktops, ranges ventilation systems, wall ovens, warming drawers and microwaves, Dacor offers homeowners an entire kitchen suite, including the new beverage cooler and outdoor products such as grills.

For details and showroom locations, contact Dacor on (800) 793 0093. Website: www.dacor.com.

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23 Aug, 2004

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