Albany Road Villa

This project involved the re-planning of a villa which had been fiddled with over the years leaving the house poorly laid out, with a lack of connection to the rear garden. Our design referenced the traditional villa layout

The main entry provides lines of sight through the villa to the rear gardens

A bank of cabinets stops short of the ceiling to retain room proportions.

The villa’s deck offers an additional exterior living space.

Generous sized mirrors in the bathroom are backlit with LED light, and the cabinetry provides storage space.

The high ceilings are lined with timber softening the clean aesthetics of the kitchen.

The pergola can be covered ensuring it is unaffected by rainy weather.

The new kitchen storage frees up space and creates flow.

A hidden home office can be opened up to the living area.

1. The renovated villa retains its traditional character.

12. Traditional meets modern in the bed and bathroom.

The villas hallway ceiling rises in height to meet the new addition.

Shelving and a desk maximises useable space in the new home office.

A new addition provides a family living area.

The shower is positioned beneath a skylight.

The double sided fireplace links bedroom and ensuite.

The large timber deck and pergola define the outdoor space as another room.

Pairing rustic with modern in the new bathroom.

Generous cabinetry for storage in the new bathroom.

Generous storage for the new home office.

Decking provides an open outdoor living space.

17 Feb, 2016

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