This '90s interior trend is back and better than ever

That's right, the breakfast nook is back and better than ever. Whether you need to maximise your footprint or if you have plenty of room to be creative, this round up of banquettes will inspire your own interior makeover

Banquette, bench seat, dining booth or breakfast nook; what ever you want to call it, the interior scene can’t get enough of this trend for an integrated dining space.

A popular hospitality design concept that last had a resurgence in the '90s, the breakfast nook has grown in popularity again. With the average footprint of a home continuing to shrink and apartment living on the rise, interiors that are designed to maximise space have become an important prerequisite for many people. The integrated nature of a breakfast nook gives them an efficient footprint that is perfect for smaller spaces. Plus, they create a lovely sense of connection in an open plan living room.

From built-in bench seats and colourful cushions to accent lighting and statement rugs, there are so many creative ways to style your own little breakfast nook. Here are ten of our favourite designs to inspire your space. 

1. Heritage meets modern

This gorgeous window-lined breakfast nook is a wonderful example of balancing contemporary style with heritage touches. The soft furnishings and vintage rug in an earthy colour palette create an inviting look, while the three armed, Mouille-style pendant light, black window frames and black seating add a modern touch to the space. 

2. Minimalist

The style of this pared-back nook is inspired by another interior trend – minimalism. Seen as the interior antidote to the hectic, non stop lifestyles that many of us lead; a minimalist interior uses neutral, earthy tones and textures to create a calming aesthetic. Here, the organic curves of the furniture coupled with the single squab and separate backrest achieve a considered vibe.

3. Earthy textures

This built-in banquette showcases how a bench seat can help to maximise space in a dining area. The velvet squab in burnt orange beautifully complements the russet tones in the rug, creating a lovely earthy feel. The wishbone chairs and Mongolian lambskin throw add another layer of texture to the overall design. 

4. Farmhouse chic

A pared-back palette of neutrals and natural materials create a relaxed feeling in this breakfast nook. By running the banquette on from the kitchen and under the window, the space feels open yet connected. Dressing the bench seat in cushions of different sizes, colours and textures is a great way to add subtle interest to your nook.

5. Cute corner

This sweet little breakfast nook is a clever example of how to make the most of a small corner area. Each furniture and decor choice needs to be deliberate in a tight space like this – and multipurpose options are best. Here, the bench seat doubles as storage for cook books, while the round table and stool allow for greater flow. Lumbar style cushions are also a smart choice as they add comfort without blocking the window ledge or view. 

6. Modern Deco

Modern living meets Deco details in this built-in breakfast nook. The space was designed to have a modern European look with its crisp white backdrop layered with pops of mustard and navy. The cushions and matching bolsters feature subtle stripe pattern that feels graphic without making too bold of a statement. The rattan and chrome chairs bring warmth to the design and have a decidedly Italian feel to them.

7. Breakfast booth

This breakfast corner is more booth than nook. A restaurant-style layout with sculptural framing give this space a special sense of occasion. This type of layout can be a clever way to utilise a small space in your home. Industrial framed windows also add to the architectural sensibility of this corner.

8. Coastal cool

There's plenty of space for everyone around this generously sized kitchen table. Designed using a soft, neutral palette that complements the blonde wood of the flooring and table, this bench seat looks like the most comfortable spot for lounging. Black, angular wooden chairs help to ground the overall design, adding a cool, modern edge to the space. 

9. Eclectic dream

The Saarinen-style tulip table could be considered the go-to choice for a breakfast nook. In this home, this classic design is the ideal centre point for the eclectic mix of styles, textures and finishes. Hanging a modern light fitting above the table is a great way to create a feeling of permanence. The double bench seat is also an easy  alternative to built-in seating and adds interest to the over all design. 

10. Architectural elements 

The warm wood, navy blue and tan leather material palette used in this custom banquette has a modern yet vintage feel. This corner is a good example of how creating a visual connection between an art piece and your colour palette can help to tie the design together. 


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Story by: Lakshmi Krishnasamy

Photography by: Sam Hartnett

09 Aug, 2020

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