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Stylish Profiles for LED Lighting

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The DOMUS Line™ range of linear recessed and surface mounted aluminium lighting profiles provides stylish, European-inspired options for under cabinets, along shelves, within drawers and inside wardrobes.

Use DOMUS Line™ Flexyled LED strips as a light source plus DOMUS Line™ sensors and dimmers to create your own modern, energy efficient linear lighting that is truly versatile.


Made in Italy to comply with Australian/New Zealand standards
LED recessed profile
Supplied in 3m lengths
Aluminium finish
Symmetrical projection profile
12mm deep recessed installation
Smart fitting system with lateral pressure steel clip; allows quick installation with no glueing and easy removal if required
Can take Flexyled RGB strip
Ideal for under cabinet, under shelf and inside cabinet installation
Blind or through milled groove installation

For more information, please visit DOMUS LIGHTING PROFILES

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