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The best application of curved glass you can find


Curved tempered glass designed with precision measurements makes Glasshape your go-to company for all things glass related.

Manufactured in NZ and shipped internationally, Glasshape works with glaziers all over the world to get the highest quality product delivered on time – often with more efficient lead-times than local suppliers as well.

The balustrades seen here were installed by Bill Hurley’s team at Hogan Glass, in Buffalo New York. Hogan was under pressure to meet a tight completion date, however Glasshape was able to deliver in two shipments allowing for install to commence while the balance was on the way.

The team worked with drawings supplied by the railing manufacturer that helped determine the precision cutting and bending of the glass to suit.

For further details about Glasshape and you're in Australia, freephone 1800 042 716. Or go to the website:

If you're in New Zealand contact Glasshape by phone number (09) 422 2565. Email: Website:

And if you're in the US contact Glasshape North America, Seattle WA 98168. Phone: 206 538 5416, fax: 206 735 7585. Email:, or visit the website:

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