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Whether you're an aspiring master chef or simply have a passion for good food, appliances from DCS by Fisher & Paykel can make it happen

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There has been a sea change in entertaining at home in the past few years. Meals don't just appear from some unseen kitchen. Today, meal preparation is much more of a special event with guests and hosts enjoying the social interaction.

But for a truly successful dinner party, there is no doubt high-performance appliances are crucial. DCS by Fisher & Paykel understands full well just how much difference the right appliances can make. The DCS WOUD-230 30in double oven is a good example.

Laurence Mawhinney, vice-president sales and marketing, says the DCS WOUD-230 does not compete with other home ovens – it's designed to rival professional restaurant ovens.

"Its performance is notable for its lack of hot or cold spots, so food is cooked evenly with no light- or dark-colored areas. Like the DCS ranges, this oven makes entertaining a breeze – you can be sure your dishes will bake or cook exactly as planned."

The DCS RX215PJX1 refrigerator is another example of the company's attention to detail. The refrigerator incorporates a temperature-controlled beverage chiller, humidity-controlled vegetable drawer and internal ice dispenser.


The professional design features of all DCS appliances reflect the company's background in manufacturing appliances for the commercial market, says Mawhinney.

"DCS has leveraged this experience so that homeowners can enjoy the same performance and features that professional chefs have come to expect."

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