10 hot dining area trends

Many things have changed in the past months – in terms of sociability and even working from home. Here are some achievable ways to make your dining area a relaxing, comfortable and versatile part of your interior

A formal, themed dining room taking up a room and often left to collect dust is a thing of the past. Today's dining rooms need to be welcoming, versatile and fresh.

1/ Small touches make a difference

If you don’t have the time, energy or funds to completely transform your dining space then it’s worth remembering that small things can make a big difference. The introduction of new curtains (large floral prints are on trend) or the inclusion of a new mirror, rug or even new table linen can create a fresh, welcoming air.

The introduction of new pendants can give your architecture, chair, dining room, floor, flooring, furniture, house, interior design, table, gray
The introduction of new pendants can give your dining area a lift. Read the new home story here

2/ Eclectic – mix , match and relax

It’s fair to say that in current times, formality is set to take a back seat. Moving forward, it's more likely that your dining area will also be used for other activities such as work or casual entertaining. With this in mind, some individual or colourful chairs create a breezier, more relaxed ambience. The eclectic approach also frees up your creativity and potentially saves you from hunting for matching furniture and accessories. 

Eclectic design can be fun and light –
Eclectic design can be fun and light – and eclectic design can encourage eclectic use – from impromptu office desk to lunch, and back. Read the full story here

3/ Benches are hot

Making the most of your dining area also means making the most of space. Benches are great space savers and can fit more diners, or more homework spots. Benches are particularly effective when you have small children.

Plus a bench seat can be easily pushed under the table to free up more room space when the dining table is not in use.

As another bonus, a bench doesn’t block light or windows where as a high-backed dining chair might.

Lastly, benches have a relaxed feel in their own right and can bring character to your dining area.

A bench seat saves space and allows for architecture, daylighting, estate, home, house, interior design, living room, real estate, gray
A bench seat saves space and allows for more settings at the dinner table. Read the story here

4/ Upholstered chairs 

Rather than formal, straight-backed dining chairs all in a neat row, the choice of comfortable, open upholstered chairs adds a relaxed feel to your dining room and encourages longer use which is great for lingering and chatting. Remember these can also be mixed and matched to casual effect.

These dining chairs look inviting for lounging in ceiling, chandelier, dining room, home, interior design, light fixture, living room, room, table, gray
These dining chairs look inviting for lounging in too. Read the Trends story here

5/ Retro elements – looking back to look forward

With stiff and formal out of favour and the rustic look somewhat overworked in recent years, a growing new trend is retro-style furniture. Retro-feel pieces, be it a table, chairs or lamps, offer an elegant option that’s all about warmth, comfort and approachability. Retro tables in particular are in vogue.

Art Deco is just one classic design style
Art Deco is just one classic design style that can bring a casual, elegant update to your dining space.

6/ Bring the outdoors in 

Maybe not a new concept but maximising a natural feel in your dining space is definitely worth emphasising. Indoor plants bring nature indoors and are an easy way to lift the ambience of your dining space. Floral materials whether for upholstery or curtains (or even napkins) are another way to evoke the calm and comfort that nature brings.

Bringing nature indoors always lifts the heart and countertop, estate, home, interior design, kitchen, property, real estate, gray
Bringing nature indoors always lifts the heart and the same applies for your dining space. Read the kitchen and dining story here

7/ Wicker, rattan, woven seagrass

Another noticeable trend, is the use of natural materials. This might be your dining seating or a casual table in the room. Wicker, woven seagrass, cane and rattan are just some material choices, and these are often found in a retro style.

Rattan, seagrass and cane are in – an
Rattan, seagrass and cane are in – an extension of the natural feel that puts us at ease.

8/ Round dining table

King Arthur chose a round table for good reason, no one gets to dominate the table! And as well as encouraging parity of conversation, a round table takes up less space. Taking less space also makes it easy to integrate a round dining table into a wider furniture configuration, further encouraging versatility of use.

This casual dining setting tucks into a modest architecture, building, ceiling, coffee table, daylighting, dining room, door, floor, flooring, furniture, hardwood, home, house, interior design, laminate flooring, living room, property, real estate, room, table, window, wood, wood flooring, gray
This casual dining setting tucks into a modest space with plenty of room for diners. Read the full story here

9/ Partitions and screens – divide and rule

Wide open spaces have long been celebrated in modern interiors, but sometimes you want a degree of separation. Introducing movable screens or partitions can separate your dining area and stop it floating in wider space. Giving your dining area a sense of place makes it more appealing to linger in, and the same goes for whatever else you are using it for. Rugs, lighting, furniture placement and even standing cabinetry can also contribute to giving your dining setting a more intimate feel.

Cabinetry creates localised zones for dining, kitchen and architecture, home, house, interior design, wood, timber Table,  Studio prineas
Cabinetry creates localised zones for dining, kitchen and living in this extension. Read the story here

10/ Versatility plus!

Many of the above pointers contribute to making your dining space a versatile space. Whether it’s homework, home office or hot dinners, your dining area should at least be prepared for double duty.

From work desk to cleared desk to dining
From work desk to cleared desk to dining table – making your spaces work harder.

These are guidelines not rules for your dining space – turning a stuffy utilitarian set-up into a destination for relaxation, conviviality, and the joy of life.

Story by: Trendsideas

28 Mar, 2021

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