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Tesla’s Powerwall

Many homeowners already have a solar power system installed on their roofs and are feeding the surplus electricity back into the local grid. In tomorrow’s home, the idea is that an energy storage device will save the produced energy for personal use when the sun has set.
This will enable the user to become more independent from the grid, increasing the productivity of the photovoltaic system installed. Tesla, the company famous for its electric cars and eccentric genius founder Elon Musk, is the first to invent such a revolutionary storage solution.
The Tesla Powerwall, a lithium ion battery, has a capacity of 7-10 kWh, depending on the model, approximately the average energy consumption of a 2 person household in one day. The saved energy can be consumed or fed back into the local grid, earning a small profit for the owners.
What’s more, the system has a data connection, meaning it can be linked to your other smart home devices. The Tesla Powerwall will cost at least $3,000 USD and can already be pre-ordered.

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15 Aug, 2016

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