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1aim's SmartDoor

SmartDoor, a collaboration between tech venture 1aim and door manufacturer Schörghuber, brings a whole new world of meaning to the phrase “Open Sesame!” This technologically advanced door opens automatically when the owner approaches the entrance area with their Bluetooth-activated, authenticated smartphone.
But that’s not all that’s on offer. Through the use of a camera and an intercom, SmartDoor transmits video and audio onto the owner’s smartphone. Friend left something behind while you’re having a drink at the bar? Chat with them over the app and even better, the SmartDoor can be opened for them with a swipe. Regular authentications can also be set up for trusted loved ones to use a pin code.
The number one advantage of SmartDoor is of course that the rummage for keys is finally over. Lars Hinrichs, founder of the career network Xing and owner of the newly built Smart Home Apartimentum, agrees: “Anyone who has used a smart door once in their life won’t want to go back to keys.”
Price to be confirmed.

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15 Aug, 2016

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