Soft black and white finishes help integrate this kitchen into its bolder surroundings

A kitchen designed to be simple and subtle so as not to compete with the distinctive, recycled timber panelling that runs through the space

Designed by Marketa Ramage of Studio Italia to countertop, cuisine classique, dining room, floor, interior design, kitchen, table, white
Designed by Marketa Ramage of Studio Italia to complement the wider interior design, this Poliform kitchen is also very practical and functional when the homeowners entertain.

When a home’s interior already has a strong decorative feature, a designer has to be very careful about what else they introduce into the overall design.

In the living areas of this contemporary home, the antique wood panelling is a particularly distinctive element. So when designer Marketa Ramage of Studio Italia was asked to design the kitchen for the space, she says it was important that it complement and not compete with this existing feature.

“When we came to the project, the kitchen’s position was already allocated, so we worked with the owner to establish the feel and how the kitchen would transition into the rest of the interior,” she says.

Antique wood panelling used in the living area countertop, cuisine classique, furniture, interior design, kitchen, white, black
Antique wood panelling used in the living area of this home also wraps around the kitchen bulkhead. As a result, designer Marketa Ramage kept the kitchen simple, minimalist and subtle, so as not to overpower the panelling.

It was only after an initial scheme had been prepared that the owner decided to use the wood panelling to tie the home’s interiors in with natural bush and trees on the edge of the property.

“At that point, we changed the finishes to a soft black and white, keeping everything simple so as to not overpower the panelling, which ran from the living area through to the kitchen bulkhead.”

But the panelling didn’t just present an aesthetic consideration – it also provided a logistical challenge.

“With the kitchen wrapping around all the panelled walls, and the benchtop extending alongside the dining and living area, everything needed to be designed to within a millimetre for it all to fit exactly.”

The benchtop extension was another way to integrate the kitchen into the overall space, but it also plays a part in meeting the owner’s request for a very practical and functional design for when they are entertaining.

Spice containers and other small items can be countertop, cuisine classique, furniture, home, interior design, kitchen, white, black
Spice containers and other small items can be kept handy on 100mm-wide shelving incorporated in three Poliform Shaker panels that create the splashback behind the cooking area in this kitchen.

The extension along the wall contains a wine fridge and drinks area, making these easily accessible without disturbing any activity going on in the kitchen itself.

A subtly patterned marble was used for the benchtop, which waterfalls at both the kitchen end and at the far end of the extension, which is at the entrance into the open-plan living, dining and kitchen area.

Within the kitchen, the cooking zone is on the back wall. While this consists predominantly of a bank of black cabinets, the cooktop area sits within a white inset. The splashback is comprised of three Poliform Shaker panels, each with narrow shelving to accommodate spices, herbs and other small items.

For Marketa Ramage, this is another example of how the kitchen has good functionality as well as aesthetics.

“It really reflects the Italian lifestyle,” she says. “And, by combining the different materials, we’ve created a unique and bespoke design.”

Credit list

Marketa Ramage, Studio Italia
Poliform Shaker panels with shelves and a matt glass insert behind the cooktop
Progetto from Plumbline
Water dispenser
Zenith Hydro Tap
Feature lighting
Custom design
Bar stools
Ventura bar stools designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poliform, from Studio Italia
Poliform,Touch laminate Bianco and Nero
Arlati marble by Artedomus
Kitchen sink
Aquis by Burns and Ferrall
Poliform LED strip lights under wall units
Dining table
Ipanema dining chairs designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poliform, from Studio Italia
Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) Kitchens – Runner-up

Story by: Paul Taylor

Photography by: Beinn Chapple-Law

29 Sep, 2018

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