Ship of dreams – 7 great children's bedrooms to inspire

Before a child closes his or her sleepy eyes, the last thing they gaze at is their bedroom walls – these inspiring bedrooms all celebrate the colours, shapes, toys and art that make a kid's life great

1. Okay kids, climb into bed

This children's bedroom puts fun and simplicity front and centre – it even comes complete with climbing holds to help make getting into bed an adventure in itself. 

Designed by CplusC

Photography by Murray Fredericks

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2. Quiet, please

Let's face it, bedrooms are at least at some point for sleeping – so a quiet colour scheme seems conducive to that – for this bedroom, pops of colour balance the quiet wall tones.

Interior design by Jessica Valintine Design

Photography by Kirsty Dawn

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3. Homework and then bed

The bunks in this bedroom – complete with storage and ladder – aren't just fun and cosy, they're about space saving, too. As a result, a study desk fits, too, and if you 'caught' the nautical flavour, well this home is by the sea.

Renovation by Richard Landry, Landry Design Group

Photography by: Manolo Langis

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4. Mum, did dinosaurs really eat children?

It's not just charity that begins at home – artistic appreciation does, too. In this art-minded children's bedroom, art prints, sculptures and even representatives of the Mesozoic Era all feature.

From the Designed by David Reid Homes Waitaki/South Canterbury

Photography by: Rachel Wybrow

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5. It's like a jungle sometimes

 Grown up design rules can also apply to our children's spaces – such as working with scale. Even a real giraffe might not have to bend its neck in this lofty room. Swinging monkeys also join the fun-meets-imagination party.

Designed by Alexander & Co

Photography by Anson Smart

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6. As time goes by

This daughter's bedroom reflects her personality with a soft pink palette and was also designed to grow with her and accommodate an older perspective as time went on. The reading nook reflects her love of books.

Interiors by Amanda Neill, Designworx

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7. River of life

Older children may just like what you like – such as, optimising views with a desk under the window, along with celebrating art and bold colour contrasts – here, balanced by a hockey stick and attendant trophies!

Renovation by Joan Dineen

Photography by Peter Rymwid

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Story by: Trendsideas

06 Aug, 2022

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