Making a splash – 8 home pools to set you thinking

Family fun, architectural extension, exercise resource, thing of beauty – there are many reasons to get a pool; here are some great watering holes to inspire

A family centric lifestyle with friends over and laughter on the lawn – a swimming pool is far more more than a cooling off spot, it's a connector, an exercise resource for young and old and a celebration of life. We've put together a diverse collection of pools to provide inspiration for your pool project.

1. Immersed in nature

Photography by: Claire Takacs
Photography by: Claire Takacs

Ian Barker Garden Design

This blue mosaic-lined pool forms part of a stepped garden – extensive surround plantings give the swimming pool a natural presence, like a natural pool discovered in a sunny glade

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2. Stepping into the scenery

Photography by John Williams.
Photography by John Williams.

Gary Todd Architecture.  Pool by Mayfair Pools.

This dramatic pool forms part of the stepped architecture of the home itself – it also connects visually with the slightly larger body of water beyond, aka Lake Wakatipu.

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3. Nighttime is the right time

Photography by Michael Conroy
Photography by Michael Conroy

Daniel Lomma Design

This pool takes on a whole new personality when the sun sinks low – step lighting and in-pool lighting bring a hotel pool-vibe and keep things safe for young and old at the same time

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4. In the desert, water is like gold

Photography by Ye Rin Mok.
Photography by Ye Rin Mok.

Industry of All Nations (IOAN)

Accompanying a desert home that seeks to merge with it natural surroundings, this pool is something of a visual oasis and handy for cooling off too.

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5. Flat out inviting

Photography by Mark Scowen.
Photography by Mark Scowen.

Creative Arch

Part of a Balinese inspired sanctuary, this infinity-edged pool is designed so that the water level and the timber decking are exactly level, creating a seamless transition.

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6. In the realm of the senses

Photography by Marc Tan Shengyi.
Photography by Marc Tan Shengyi.

Wallflower Architecture + Design

This pool forms part of a wider biophilic courtyard that engages with the senses at every turn – a mature Frangipani tree brings scent while the pool celebrates sight, sound and touch

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7. Leap or luxuriate

Acacia Pools

The owners wanted a small pool in their courtyard that could be a cold plunge pool in the summer and spa pool during the cooler months – they weren't expecting a sculptural aesthetic to be thrown in.

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8. Modernist patch of blue

Photography by The Guthrie Project.
Photography by The Guthrie Project.

Carter Williamson Architects

This swimming pool and its surroundings were inspired by the sleek, low-lying Modernist outdoor living spaces of American West-Coast Modernism. 

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Story by: Trendsideas

26 May, 2024

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