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Unleash your inner child at the International Garden Festival

Le grand hamac or "The Big hammock": In 2013, there were more than 6,400,000 tires out of collected used in more than 7000 locations in Quebec. In 2018, Recyc-Québec reached the limit of his business opportunities and announced that he needed to develop new avenues of uses for rubber recovered. 
The limitation of growth implies an awareness of the quantity of transformed objects that we produce, as well as the new stratum artificial that their accumulation generates continuously. 
Like a "plastic island" discovered in the ocean we propose to place a unusual topography, consisting of 420 recycled tires, in one of the woodlots Métis gardens. At first sight, this "playground", such an installation in a kindergarten, invite to exploration and climbing. While offering a quirky moment, and "Instagrammable", the work will confine the trees in its frame and will cover a surface of 200m² – a small clearing of the Métis territory. When moving to another experience, when moving to another story , 
Under this "big hammock", this large drape manufactured objects, the visitor who has "taken the time" to explore, to go to the end of the installation, will take a fresh look at this precious parcel of our landscape natural ... in danger.