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The L-INE Sink Mixer range from Kludi is all about the clean lines & strong contrasts. Taking pride of place in the home, these mixers create an unmistakable design statement in any modern kitchen. Strong contrasts as an imaginative continuation of the pure chrome mixers are achieved in the slim S-version of KLUDI L-INE – creativity in its finest form. The innovative pullout spout mixer, has a telescopic arm that adds another 7cm of length to the spout for a more precise targeted water flow, Range is further extended by a 76 cm long, low-noise extendable hose. The two colour versions of the range KLUDI L-INE S are supplemented by two classical chrome single lever mixers. The elegant, matt finish in black or white further enhances the appearance of it’s gleaming metallic components. Characteristic of all four kitchen mixers is their slimline shape. The letter L is continued as design characteristic of the range in a filigree way.For more information, please visit www.foreno.co.nz or www.vodaplumbingware.co.nz

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