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Singapore Sports Hub – Retractable Roof Mechanism by MHE-Demag

Singapore-based engineering company MHE-Demag provided the roof moving solution for the country’s latest architectural first: the new Singapore Sports Hub stadium, the largest free-spanning dome stadium in the world with a roof span of 312m. MHE-Demag supplied the driving mechanism for the retractable roof system, which consists of 16 line pull winches, 32 holding storm-brakes, energy chains and an advanced electrical control system. Movement of the retractable roof – made up of two 1,100 ton panels – can be controlled precisely down to the very millimetre. It takes approximately 20 minutes to fully open or close the roof. With a potential audience of 55,000 spectators below, the roof mechanism must comply with the strictest of safety standards. Safety features include primary and back-up sensors and an anti-skewing system that ensures a maximum skew position difference of only 35mm between any of the five trusses that support the movable roof.