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Street view of Envira shiplap house

Architects are re-defining the New Zealand coastal landscape with their popular building designs featuring shiplap, and choosing to build with the Envira Weatherboard System delivers the physical and aesthetic advantages that Niagara’s quality timber products provide. Niagara’s enhanced timber profiling and finishing methods include treatment and pre-priming, which means that its shiplap boards are ready for installation. The boards ensure a weather-tight envelope that only requires top coating to ensure longevity.Available in two widths, Envira shiplap is made from sustainable finger jointed New Zealand timber from which any defects have been removed. The boards are 6.1m long for quick application, proving especially handy and economical for high walls.Niagara produces a castellated vented cavity batten for the best installation of vertical cladding when a cavity is required. Finger jointed and treated to H3.1 for strength and longevity, these battens are ideal teamed with Envira shiplap weatherboards.External house cladding is just one way of applying shiplap, as it can also be applied to outdoor feature areas, furniture, fences and much more.Ask about Envira at your nearest building supplies store or visit www.niagara.nz

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