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Dora Doors – security meets elegance

Have you been looking for something a little more exciting than a dull, old-fashioned security screen? Well for the past four years, New Zealand-owned Dora Doors have been quietly yet steadily carving out a niche for their ‘adorable’ security doors at long last offering homeowners choice. Aesthetically beautiful yet functional, Dora designs are unique exciting and modern. Their custom made security doors provide an elegant and stylish solution to the front of your home keeping opportunists out and your most precious things in. “A stunning range of designs to choose from – Dora Doors you've brought security doors to a whole new level – a fashionable art piece even! Its great to support a quality product New Zealand designed and made.”Unfortunately it's a fact. 85% of burglaries occurring in NZ today are opportunistic. Keys, wallets, laptops at the front of the home are an easy target. A Dora Door will allow you to enjoy open door peace of mind with light, sun and air flowing through while protecting the things you treasure most. See more

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29 Sep, 2015

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