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Brick: the sustainable, energy-efficient choice

When selecting materials for a new home it can feel like you are locked in a pressure-cooker where ideas and choices around products often conflict. How do you achieve the look you’re after and at the same time, choose products that will provide lifetime value, cost effectiveness and be the right choice for the environment?Look no further! As well as being the best choice for thermally comfortable housing, clay bricks are the natural choice because:Long life – Bricks stand the test of time. The evidence of that is all around us!Energy efficient – The natural thermal mass of brick helps reduce dependency on artificial heating and cooling.Low maintenance – Face brickwork doesn’t require special cleaning, painting or protective coatings to maintain its good looks.Durable – Bricks are immensely strong, resisting fire and impact damage, and vermin or termite attack.Healthy – Brickwork is inert, emitting virtually no chemicals or gases.Reusable – Bricks are one of the few materials that can be reused (not just recycled) with their original qualities intact.Sustainable – Made from organic minerals found in shale and local, naturally abundant sources of clay; brick’s long-lasting life cycle offers ongoing environmental and health benefits.

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