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Acrygloss & Laseredge from Sage Doors

Sage Doors has been manufacturing quality roller doors for many years. Last year we decided to ‘branch out’ and we started making Acrygloss doors using our Laseredge too. Acrygloss is a 1mm acrylic sheet from Europe which is laminated onto MDF, and then edged with Laseredge to make a virtually seamless, moulded-looking gloss door. Unlike most other gloss products on the market, Acrygloss is scratch-resistant. We also make non-gloss Laseredged doors: Melamine or Melteca doors that have been edged on our laser-edgebander. Using the latest advances in technology, Laseredge melts the edgetape directly to the edge of the board, eliminating any ugly glue lines on the sides of the doors. Ask your cabinet maker for Acrygloss and Laseredge from Sage Doors.

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