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Philips' Hue

On/off just doesn’t cut it for lighting in the house of tomorrow. Bathe your living environment in uniquely sculptured light scenes with Philips’ Hue.
Using intuitive technology that seamlessly integrates within your current environment and routine, Hue promises to transform your everyday relationship with light.
Wirelessly create a range of ambiences within your space. Choose colour, tone intensity, create light recipes - and that’s just for starters. You can control Hue via your mobile device, for added ease, and the technology also acts as a hands free notification device, illuminating when you receive a message, notification or an email.
You can even sync the lights to your favourite song for a mid-afternoon dance party. However, Hue is more than just a novelty. Hue will gently enhance your well-being, sleep, concentration and relaxation levels - all through the natural properties of light. Programme and save your favourite scenes for the day and allow Hue to gently take you from dawn to dusk.
The starter set with remote, wifi connecting device and three lights is priced at around $280.

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15 Aug, 2016

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