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Steam bathing is a relaxing way to boost your overall sense of well being. Experience it with Steamist
Close-up view of this magnificant shower bathroom, door, floor, glass, home, interior design, plumbing fixture, room, shower, tile, wall, gray, black
Close-up view of this magnificant shower

The physical and mental benefits of steam therapy have been recognized for centuries. Even the ancient Romans included steam rooms in their bathing complexes.

With Steamist products, you can enjoy a rejuvenating steam shower in the comfort of your own bathroom. According to Steamist, a steam shower can help you sleep and work better, relaxing your body while increasing both your blood circulation and metabolism. Being exposed to the warm, moist air offers a way to help relieve tension and muscle pain and even cleanse the pores of your skin, the company says.

Well aware of these advantages, designers at Expo Design Center have incorporated Steamist into a number of their bathroom designs. The shower found in the master bathroom shown on these pages has been fitted with Steamist, to meet the requirements of the owners, who wanted a custom shower with the luxury of steam,says Expo Center designer Dionne Immel.

View of the shower & cabinetry bathroom, cabinetry, ceiling, countertop, floor, flooring, home, interior design, kitchen, real estate, room, gray, brown
View of the shower & cabinetry

"This gives them the feeling of total relaxation and comfort in their own home. They can also enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy by adding oil to the shower head," she says.

In recognition of the growing popularity of steam therapy in the home, Steamist and Expo are working together to find the best installation of a Steamist steam shower. The companies have launched the New Age of Steam Competition and are calling for homeowners and Expo designers alike to enter their Steamist-equipped bathroom designs.

The competition is open to bathrooms that have been designed exclusively by Expo Center designers, and either the homeowners or designer can enter their bathroom. The essential criteria are that the bathroom should be well-designed, and that it should incorporate a Steamist shower.

View of the Steamist water temperature remote product design, wall, gray
View of the Steamist water temperature remote

So if you're planning a new bathroom, now could be the time to consider the advantages of including Steamist in the shower.

For further details about Steamist, visit the website: www.

For information on the New Age of Steam Competition, contact your nearest Expo Design Center, complete the inquiry form over the phone or at the center itself, or download the competition entry form from

Apr 24, 2003
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