Under-counter storage and rubbish bins from Kitcehn King offer easy clean up

Winner of a trusted brand in category award, Hideaway Bins offer storage and clean-up solutions for all areas of your home

There is a discreet Hideaway Bin storage or countertop, floor, product, product design, gray, black
There is a discreet Hideaway Bin storage or rubbish solution for every area of the home with several different styles to chose from. This double-bucket option is popular for home recycling.

The simplest route to achieving a clean, uncluttered home is also the easiest.

Hideaway Bins offer a hidden storage or rubbish bin solution for any area of the home, says general manager Jamie Bertelsen.

"A Hideaway Bin slides away inside the cabinet, out of sight until needed."

Clean-up in the bathroom  the Hideaway Compact angle, bathroom, bathroom accessory, bathroom cabinet, bathroom sink, ceramic, countertop, floor, furniture, plumbing fixture, product, product design, sink, tap, tile, gray
Clean-up in the bathroom the Hideaway Compact 15L bin provides a to-hand solution in the bathroom. Its more modest size allows sink plumbing to be installed behind, allowing for more storage room in adjacent drawers or cupboards.

The bins are ergonomic and functional designed to be mounted at bench height and pull out towards you. This allows for the easy disposal of waste or clutter without having to bend into low cupboards.

The Hideaway is available in single or double 15L, 20L, 40L, 50L and 60L bucket capacities, to suit a range of situations.

Features include strong polypropylene buckets, precision German soft-close runners that over-extend for easy access and a friction-fitted lid to seal in odours. The lids are treated with a protective Clinikill antibacterial powder coating an hygienic solution that's unique to Hideaway Bins.

Air venting in the polypropylene bucket and strong clothes dryer, home appliance, kitchen, laundry, laundry room, major appliance, product, product design, room, washing machine, white
Air venting in the polypropylene bucket and strong runners make The Hideaway Soft Close Laundry Hamper ideal for damp, heavy washing.

"There's a custom option available for the laundry, too," says Bertelsen. "The Hideaway Soft Close Laundry Hamper has air vents designed to prevent moisture build-up and a robust steel frame designed to withstand the weight of wet washing."

Hideaway Bins has attracted the waste management category award for 2015 in the Architecture & Design Trusted Brands awards, an accolade they also won in 2014.

For details on Hideaway Bins, contact Kitchen King, free phone 1800 042 642. Website: www.hideawaybins.com.au.

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31 Mar, 2016

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